Better mental health

Preventative mental health events for regional Victorians.

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Prevention is better than cure.

“on the low down” is a preventative mental health program educating and connecting regional Victorians to resources and services. We promote the value of emotional acknowledgment and expression through addressing the social and cultural factors driving our emotions.

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Recent On the Low Down event in Heywood, Western Victoria for Men’s Health Week, hosted by Heywood Rural Health, May 16, 2019


Why this matters:

Australians living in regional communities demonstrate some clear statistical trends indicating that many people, and particularly men, are struggling to manage their emotions. Almost every decision we make is an emotional one, and in many cases basic social and cultural barriers including isolation and unresolved trauma prevent many of us from accessing the resources we need to successfully navigate life’s challenges.

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An ability to acknowledge, interpret and resourcefully express what we are feeling is fundamental to addressing these statistical disparities highlighted between the genders. With the help of technology, scientific research and improved respect and understanding of various cultural practices, there are many simple things we can do.

Our objective is changing behaviour to support better mental health and improved community wellbeing.


Our supporters

“On the Low Down” is a Heywood Men’s Shed mental health initiative.

We are very grateful for the generous support from the Bank of Melbourne Foundation.

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